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Photos from "Crown Jewels of the Wire," January 2003

CJ In Color!

The following photos are from the January 2003 Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine. These have been provided by the publisher for those wishing to see a color rendition of the black and white photos included in the magazine. Click on the thumbnails to view a larger photo.

January CJ cover

  This month's photos in color!

This month's color insert features a Taxonomy of E.C.&M. Insulators

"Arizona Blue!"
This color of E.C.& M. is found primarily in Arizona.

Insulator of the Month
"Amber Swirly"

  Mac's Belive It or Not!
Featuring the "Buzby" CD 141.8

Foreign Insulators
Columbia's Vi-Bo Insulator Mystery Solved

The 2002 Winter Springfield, Ohio Show

15th Enchantment Insulator Club Show

11th Annual Lone Star Insulator Club Show
Carol's setting a new record on insulator photos taken.

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