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The Hemingray Factory (Muncie, Indiana)
by Bob Alexander

Reprinted from "Crown Jewels of the Wire", November 1985, page 25

About 8 years ago I had a chance to drive through Muncie, Indiana. I had been to the Hemingray dump on that trip, so on a recent visit I decided to try and locate the old factory site. The factory is located across town from the dump and was not very easy to locate. After about 1 hour of asking around, I met someone who knew where to go. So off I went. When I got to the factory, I walked around the outside taking pictures. Suddenly a security guard spotted me and asked what I was doing. I told him, and he said, "If you want, you can go inside and look around all you want." Since I was able to get onto the grounds, I took these pictures which I thought some of the readers would like to see.

The factory site covers about 20 acres. There was junk all over the outside. In one area there was a pile of cobalt glass about 10 feet high. Among the chunks and pieces was a number of broken cobalt Hemingray-19s. All were broken. All had round drip points and said Hemingray-19, Made in USA. I went on to another area and found a spot where the trucks loaded up at a dock. They used insulators as "fill" here before pouring the cement that the trucks would drive on. There was one spot where the soil had eroded away and under this slab of concrete the insulators were falling out from below. All I saw were pieces, but all of the pieces were CD 162 H.G.CO. in PURPLE. If the insulators go all the way to the dock, there are probably 10,000 of them buried there under 3 feet of concrete.

The rest of the plant was fairly ordinary. They had a separate building for offices, a large smoke stack for the power plant (I guess), and big rooms where the insulators were made. All of the machinery was gone and all the rooms were empty. The place was also up for sale at that time. I don't know what they are doing with it now, but since I now live much closer to the factory I will make a trip up there and take some more pictures.

Insulators are porcelain until they enter the factory grounds,
then they are all glass.

Part of the are where cobalt 19's were dumped.

This is the front of an empty warehouse.

One of the small buildings on the grounds.

The fence around the compound had an electric wire on top.
Hemingray 107 spools were holding the wire.
View of the factory from the south side.

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