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Insulators Of Note

Reprinted from "Crown Jewels of the Wire", April 1991, page 23

CD 257 "Mickey Mouse"

Introducing a new column, "insulators of note", which will appear as information is submitted regarding different glass, porcelain and multi-part insulators. These are short notes tidbits stories etc. about a certain style insulator. All contributions are welcome. 

CD 257 "Mickey Mouse" information was submitted by Dick Schroeder, Elgin, Illinois.

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NOTE: The C.D. 257 (Mickey Mouse) was manufactured by the Hemingray Glass Company, Muncie, Indiana. made at the Muncie plant. The style was introduced about 1895 and was only made at the Muncie plant.

NOTE: The CD 257 Hemingray 60, was primarily purchased for use with street  railways and interurbans.

NOTE: Latest production of either 60 or 60A was in the mid to late 1940's; and at the time, they were still using the 1934 mold sets. It is doubtful that another mold set was ever made. 

NOTE: The difference between the 60 and 60A lies in the groove size The groove in the 60 is 1-1/2" while the groove in the 60A is 2".

NOTE: The 1956 mold inventory showed seven of each (60 and 60A) mold, and they were shown as  "hand opening" molds.

NOTE: In 1941 dealer price for a Hemingray 60 was 13 cents, based on orders of 5,000.

NOTE: The Hemingray 60 was stocked continuously at the Muncie plant for almost 50 years.

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