2001 >> April >> PSALM 151  


Reprinted from "Crown Jewels of the Wire", April 2001, page 37

(A plea to the Lord from an insulator collector)

Alas, Lord God, 
Keep me from the antiques store, 
For I seem to be finding
"Just one more."

The glass ones, the porcelain, 
It doesn't matter which, 
For the thorn that I suffer 
is the "Insulator Itch."

It afflicts without mercy
Like a succession of sneezes, 
The swelling elation as I shout:
"Hallelujah, praise Jesus!"

As the sight of an insulator,
A very rare find.
It engulfs my whole being,
A beast with its own mind.

Ah, Lord, I can't help it 
The feeling starts slow,
Then from that small tingling,
The addiction soon flows.

The rush that I feel 
As I cradle it, all alone,
Whispers: "Come darling insulator, 
I'll give you a good home."

Spinning! Giddy! 
Good gracious -- what strife!
If I bring home one more,
My spouse will commit me for life!

But Lord, hear my prayer,
I can't help myself. 
Please let there be room 
For this one on my shelf.

And God, in your kingdom 
Of Gold, Jasper and Chrysolite, too, 
Among all those gems, 
Might you have an insulator, or two?


Lisa McHugh writes: Aside from insulator collecting, I also write poetry and children s stories in my spare time.

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