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Reproduction Commemorative Insulator

Reprinted from "INSULATORS - Crown Jewels of the Wire", July 1971, page 20

This is a commemorative insulator made by Frank Miller of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in honor of our National Insulator Meets.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller attended the First National Meet in New Castle, Indiana, and we had the privilege of meeting them there. They also plan on being at the Colorado Springs Meet.

Frank, being an enthusiastic insulator collector, went home from the show in New Castle with an idea that we should have something to remember these National Meets by, and after several months of struggling, managed to get a mold made. Frank says it was often referred to as "Frank's Last Folly' since he is now retired from work as of June 4th. Congratulations, Frank. ) He also says it was worth the struggle, and we think so, too. They are beautiful and very desirable.

This insulator is made of black amber glass, stands almost 4 inches high and is 3-1/4 inches across the base. It is styled after the Pilgrim Hat (CD #436), and of course, is threadless.

The first set Frank made (145 altogether) was embossed: 
New Castle, Indiana 
June 20-21, 1970 
First Nat'l Meet

The second set (163 made) is embossed: 
Colorado Springs, 
July 10-11, 1971 
Second Nat'l Meet

The embossing is on the very top of the insulator. Inside on the very top of the threadless pin-hole are the initials F. M.

Frank says he will not make any more of these, and he owns and possesses the mold, although possibly he may later make them in a different color if he can find a glass company interested in small orders. We predict these will become a collector's item in themselves, because there just aren't enough to go around, and everyone who sees ours wants one, even if they didn't attend the National Meets.

Mr. Frank Miller sells these commemorative insulators at $6.00 each, plus postage, and isn't interested in volume sales. He is just a nice collector who has given all of us a chance to have a beautiful memento of our National Meets at a very nominal price. Our thanks and sincere appreciation to Frank Miller, 1720 West Pine, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127.

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