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Saulsbury Rubber Insulator
by Gerald Brown

Reprinted from "INSULATORS - Crown Jewels of the Wire", July 1971, page 26

This semi-hard rubber insulator is owned by Ed Saulsbury, (he claims no relationship with the maker) of North Platt, Neb.

It would appear that this insulator would have been used UNDER the cross arm. (It reminds one of the SP 12 in Gerald Brown's Porcelain book)

It is difficult to understand how the wire was fastened, for there is no wire groove. There are two indentations on the bottom of the lower skirt where it appears that a wire was installed. It certainly would not have stood much strain on account of the softness of the rubber.

(Submitted by Gerald Brown at request of Ed Saulsbury.)

Dear Dora:

Since sending you the article about the Saulsbury "insulator?" I have found out what they were. They were tips for some sort of insulating stools, used where men were working on very high voltages. So use the article at your own discretion.
Gerald Brown 
Two Buttes, Colorado, 81084

Image text:

  • Wooden pin
  • Embossing on bottom of upper skirt 
  • Pin hole extends down past bottom skirt
  • One side W. H. SAULSBURY
  • Back side Pat. Applied For in a semi-circle
  • Black cracked, old appearing rubber
  • Size--- Ht. 5" 
    Dia. of large skirt 4 1/2"

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