2001 >> August >> H.G.CO. Petticoat Beehive Color Insert  

H.G.CO. Petticoat Beehive - Color Insert
by Paul L. Rosenberger

Reprinted from "Crown Jewels of the Wire", August 2001, page 32


Yellow Amber Honey Amber
Golden Amber Orange Amber


Light Lavender


Dark Blue Lavender


Sky Blue
Powder Blue H.G.Co. "Hemingray Blue" Beehive Color
Light Sapphire Blue Medium Sapphire Blue
Dark Sapphire Blue Light Cornflower
Cornflower Blue Jade Milk
Yellow Green Olive Green
Yellow Olive Green Depression Glass Green
Light Green Apple Green
Sage Green Lemon
Bubbly Light Green Seven-up Green
Forest Green Beehive Color Teal Green
Smoke Purple
Dark Purple Straight-side Mold Fake (Irradiated) Purple
Aqua Straight-side Mold Light Green - Straight-side Mold Beehive Color
Blue Aqua with Milk Swirls Light Milky Blue Aqua
Milky Aqua Bubbly Blue Aqua
You can almost hear the bubbles in this clear blue piece popping! Clear


One wonders how this beehive ever survived installation without sustaining damage to a drastically extended inner skirt. The plunger was never sent deep into the molten glass, leaving a lot of dome glass above the top of the pinhole. As the plunger was removed, it pulled a second inner skirt making a "triple petticoat" on the base. The piece is just about flawless mint!


A cold mold produced the "orange-peel" surface


This piece was set on a ledge at the factory and caused the base to become lopsided which created a "Rocking Petticoat"! !


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