2001 >> September >> Brookfields in Clear Purple Gray and SCA  

Brookfields in Clear, Purple, Gray and SCA

Reprinted from "Crown Jewels of the Wire", September 2001, page 23

Display by:
James Frustieri 
5 Hillside Road 
Hackettstown, NJ 07840-4111 

1st Place N.I.A. Specialty

This display contains Brookfield insulators manufactured with decolorizing agents such as manganese and selenium, Years of exposure to sunlight would change their color. These insulators were probably produced in two time periods. The first period would have been around 1883 through 1885 when Brookfield was located at 45 Cliff Street. The second period was probably mid to late 1890s at which time Brookfield had changed over to a three-piece mold from the two-piece molding process.

Brookfields in Clear, Purple, Gray and SCA by Jim Frustieri 
1st Place N.I.A. Specialty

Insulators produced during the 45 Cliff Street era were CDs 102, 126, 131 Tillotson, 133 and 145.

CD 102 clear

CD 126 dark purple

CD 131 Tillotson in an off cl ear, gingerale color

Insulators produced during the mid to late 1890s were CDs 102, 121 Am. Tel & Tel., 145, 162, 162.3 187, 188, 289 Locke and 293 Locke.

Two CD 133 signals in a strong purple 
and a blue gray with purple swirling.

"I've never seen another of these Brookfield made CD 121 tolls for Am. Tel. & Tel. Co. in this strange blue gray color", says specialist Jim Frustieri.

CD 145 B in a blue gray color.

The CD 138 Postal, even though it is a two-piece mold, was most likely made during the mid to late 1890s. Also, it does not have swirl start threads. The piece on the left is more of a gray/purple color, while the example on the right has more green mixed with the gray. Both are extremely difficult colors to find in this CD style.

The chubby CD 162.3 signal above is a light purple tint.

Two CD 187 duplex ponies in a medium and a light shade of purple.

CD 286 Brookfield with embossing as clear as any are marked 
with the five patent dates. The color is a light sage gray.

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