2001 >> September >> CD Variety in Glass and Porcelain  

CD Variety in Glass and Porcelain

Reprinted from "Crown Jewels of the Wire", September 2001, page 23

Display by: 
Ben and Sabine Kelley 
714.1 Whitfield Drive 
Riverdale, GA 30296-2107 
770-997 -5790

Best use of Threaded CDs 
in memory of 
Jim Overstreet (DJIC)

Joanne Overstreet looks on as Keith Roloson presents the 
special Dixie Jewels Insulator Club award in 
memory of club member Jim Overstreet to Ben Kelley.

Variety in Glass and Porcelain by Ben Kelley

What an array of color and CD styles, You could find several rare examples of porcelain, a nice porcelain/glass Locke power insulator, and a great representation of many North American and some foreign glass styles. Well deserving the recognition of the DJIC award for best use of CD numbers.

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