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NO! These are not slag glass insulators!!

Reprinted from "Crown Jewels of the Wire", September 2001, page 40

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Ken Roberts
1304 Huntsville Hills Drive
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Although they look like insulators, these multi-colored items are actually automobile ashtrays! They were used in cars during the 1925-1955 era. It is assumed they were optional and would match the color of the slag glass gear shift knob in the vehicle. Slag glass auto vases were also available as an option. All of the ashtrays feature a hole in one side which could be filled with a suction cup. These could be mounted to the dashboard, window or door. Some were filled with a metal clamp to fit under the dash or wherever convenient. All came with a round metal insert with a hole in the center for the ashes to fall through.


There are three confirmed manufacturers of these ashtrays: 
Westite made ashtrays with eight sides. These seem to be the most rare. 

Akro Agate of Clarksburg, WV made ashtrays that are ten-sided. There are two distinctive styles. One features a ten sided dome and the other a smooth dome.

HouseX Glass of Point Marion, PA made the ashtrays with no panels and, as you can see, are the most common. Again, there are two styles. The most common has a flared skirt, some feature a straight skirt.

The two ashtrays on the top shelf (far right) were made by an unknown manufacturer. Both are embossed "AW' inside the dome.

NO! These are not slag glass insulators!! by Ken Roberts

(Information compiled by Ken Roberts for display.)

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