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Stubby's Insulators

Reprinted from "Crown Jewels of the Wire", September 2001, page 39

Display by:
Jimmy Burns
16784 Ardmore
Conroe, TX 77302-5393 

At age thirteen, during my seventh grade year, I began to collect insulators. The same year, 1968, I won my friend Stubby for selling the most magazines in my home room for the school fund raiser. As you can see, Stubby, is a child of the Sixties: radical, colorful and wild. He tends to like porcelain insulators of short stature, with a bit of color thrown in. In this display he surveys his kingdom from a lofty summit. 

Of equal stature to Stubby stands his two favorite insulators. On his left is an insulator that most collectors dub as the sea gull special. While white discoloration in glass gets recognized as snow or beautiful junk, Stubby cried when some glass collectors says, "Hey, look at that MUD with bird dookey on it!" 

On his right stands an insulator Stubby identifies as the "Al Gore" insulator because if you examine it closely by holding it up to a light like a ballot, you will see hundreds of dimples! (And it was found in George W.'s home state... sorry, Florida!)

(Information compiled by Jimmy Burns for display handout.) 

Stubby's Insulators by Jimmy Burns

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