2001 >> September >> The Early Worm always gets the peaches  

The Early Worm always gets the peaches!

Reprinted from "Crown Jewels of the Wire", September 2001, page 52

Atlanta offered collectors a lot of interesting items -- for sale, not for sale, for trade, or just show and tell. 

A dated CD 127.4 in purple CD 164 H.G.Co. peacock

Delighting any power collector was a emerald green R.D. Mershon CD 288

CD 731 Unembossed olive mustard

Is it light aqua, or is it purple? -- BOTH! One can overlook the roughness on the base of this one-of-a-kind CD 281 Hemingray.

Incredible with flash or underlit, a beautiful milky slag, steam and graphite junk-filled CD 145 B, No. 44

A beautiful CD 123 E.C.&M. Co. in cobalt blue!

A pair of great CD 196 tramps -- H.G.Co. in celery and a blue O.V.G. Co.

Another spectacular color in a CD 282 Hemingray No.2 Provo n green with lots of amber swirls. And... As only a true Georgia peach from Smyrna can do, Mike Green saw through a "fuzzy" Ebay photo and snagged a rare CD 138 Postal Tel. Co. in green -- certainly not the standard blue aqua "pits" color! and a great show and tell.

Rob and Peggy Johnson brought a recent find to the show. It was the oil reservoir for the TH-9200. You can imagine the excitement of displayer Kathleen Edwards when this piece of the 9200 puzzle walked through the door. And, the ad cut from a 1898 Western Electric Company Electric Light catalogue gave its history.

How about a fast game of "pick up rods?" Rick Soller and Bob Berry pour over rods covered with a variety of glazes that were test samples from the Pinco plant. The Fixes from New York brought them thinking they would be of interest.

There wasn't the preponderance of porcelain available at the show as there had been at the Western Regional in Oregon in June, so most of the color was awarded to glass that was for sale. Tom Katonak, Western Regional NIA Vice President, and Mike miss, host of the 2002 national in FL. Collins, Colorado decide where the next colorful piece should be placed.

Medium priced color. . .

252 flashed; 122 7-up; 162 orange amber; 102 teal green; 145 bubbly Pennycuick; 162 honey amber; 162 dark cobalt; 145 royal purple; 214 orange amber; 162 H.G.Co. transition embossing in aqua.

Higher priced color. . .

158 in dark green; 145 red amber; 145 milky goobers; 731 cobalt; 251 olive green; 257 light peacock blue; 164 orange amber; 162 orange amber; 205 dark olive green; 124, aqua with green and amber swirls; 164 citrine; 126 yellow olive; 201 aqua.

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