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The People

Reprinted from "Crown Jewels of the Wire", September 2001, page 57

"So, if I put it in the sun in AZ, will it turn darker?", Kevin Jacobson asked Dwayne Anthony.

Bernie Warren, just back from Morocco, with neat foreign glass.

Marco Schmitz-Lehanne, Joe Beres, 
Jim Colburn, Jeff Hogan looking over 
the glass on Kevin Lawless' table.

Steve Marks conversing with a couple 
of Dixie Jewels - Charles Bibb 
and Ken Roberts.

Everyone joined "Sam's Club" at the show. . . 
at 5 months old, Sam Marks was a real hit
 and voted the best behaved attendee.

Dave and Wilma Wilson selling insulator cleaner
and commemoratives from past nationals. . . 
while Ed and Connie Peters look really
 relaxed after hosting in 2000.

Alan Stastny looks for 
"deviled ham" for those Ritz!

Jeff Katchko and Tim Drumhiller chat
 behind a table of colorful glass.

Lynda Katonak selling "insulators for pianos", 
an Australian item.

"Yep, looks like an oil insulator to me," 
says Elton Gish.

Before table set up, Ron Yuhas and Mike 
Roediger anticipate a deluge of high power insulators.

Friday night dinner - Remember, the one who sits at the 
end of the table pays for dinner!!! 
Left: Carol and John McDougald, Dick Bowman, 
Dwayne Anthony, Leonard and Nuleen Gibson,
 Eloise and Butch Haltman and Bill "you're the man!" Albers!!
Right: Kevin and Cheryl Jacobson, Ev Bowman, 
Don and Bill Rohde, Cathy and Elton Gish, 
Ed Holland and Marilyn Albers.

The Atlanta 2001 National is now history. . . and next year, when collectors want to remember the shows of the past as well as the 32nd "peaches and cream" show, they will have fun perusing the historian's scrapbooks as I did.

A special thank you to Kevin Jacobson who send wonderful pictures taken at the show, many of which I was able to used in this report. Thanks, Kevin.

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