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Definitions of Electrical Terms

   Definitions reprinted from The Lineman's Handbook, Third Edition
by Edwin B. Kurtz, E.E., PhD.


LINEMAN'S LINGO: Linemen have developed quite a vocabulary of their own pertaining to their work, which is expressive and sometimes picturesque. The following list of words is typical of some that are in general use. The accepted meaning is given with each word.

Baloney -- Cable. ...                    [more]


The Capacitor Insulator

   by Bill and Irma Conrad


One of the newest insulators to be added to our hobby is the capacitor insulator. The capacitor itself is the metal container made of alternate plates of tinfoil and insulating material, and the size of the tinfoil and insulating material is the determining factor for holding ...                    [more]


Sun-colored Insulator

   by Wes W. Conrad


I spent two weeks suffering with poison oak, after getting a small sun-colored amethyst insulator from an old dead oak tree. I was with my wife, and she is more of a bug than myself.

The insulator was on a small rotten limb about 25 feet off the ground and had a wire tied to it, so I thought I ...                    [more]


Radio Strain Insulator in Sun-Colored Amethyst


Ed Pont of Miami, Florida, has an insulator like Arlene Harris' sketch #2, August 1969 issue, page 27, only his is S.C.A. (sun-colored amethyst). He asks if anyone has found any information yet. So far "Crown Jewels" hasn't heard a word about radio insulators. ...                    [more]


CD 154.5 Derfligher

   by Bill Watkins


I am sending a sketch of an insulator I got recently. All I know about it is that it came from Mexico. I would appreciate any information you could get for me about this insulator. Thank you.



Price Guide Lines

   by Irene Merrin


To price an insulator is a difficult thing. Many people will disagree with my prices, but remember, an insulator is only worth what someone will pay for it. I am basing my prices on observations at bottle sales and shows, price lists from different parts of the United States, shops I have visited and insulators I have seen sell at a certain ...                    [more]


Hemingray-110 Research Division

   by Don Clements


Here is a note on the Hemingray-110 pictured on page 29 of the August 1969 issue.

The Hemingray-110 is a dead end spool and is used in a dead end clevis or shackle. The steel pin that is dropped down through shackle and spool has a thin lead sleeve around it to cushion the pin ...                    [more]

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