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Brooks Ramshorns

   by Greg Bickford


WHAT! Brook's Pat Aug 6, 1867 WHY?

This is the story of the Ram's Horn insulator as I know it to be from my own experience and from information received from the pioneer in the Ram's Horn field, Mr. John Hayes, of Ogden, Utah.

The WHAT of this story will not only describe the insulator, but ...                    [more]


Railroad Date Nails

   by Emma D. Jones


I would like to share with you insulator collectors a hobby of mine. It's collecting railroad date nails. Starting in 1900 dated nails were placed in ties by many railroads to keep records on the life of the ties used. Some were even marked by nails with letters. These were "A" Ash, "E" Elms "P" Pine, "C" Cherry and so on. ...                    [more]


Red Insulators

   by N.R. Woodward


Ever since glass insulators began to be accepted as "collectibles" several years ago, the one question probably asked most frequently has been, "ARE THERE RED INSULATORS?" The striking thing is, we still do not have an answer! Assuming that the questioner is referring to a real, stop-light red, in each and ...                    [more]


Price Guide Lines

   by Irene Merrin


The $75 to $100 Category

How to begin? "Once upon a time" is no good because this is no fairy tale. What a job I created for myself when I told the editor I would try to help collectors in pricing insulators from my observations at shows and lists received thru the mails, plus shops I have ...                    [more]


Questions Answered by N.R. Woodward


1. Do you have any information on the NO LEAK D (CD 211)?
Sorry, I have no data on the NO LEAK D, except the wording on the insulator itself! The number of manufacturers of insulators is altogether too uncertain. at this time for comment. This is precisely the spot where the most urgent need for ...                    [more]

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