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First Telephone Lines in California

   by Al Davies


Along the San Juan Ridge was the scene of the most spectacular hydraulic gold mining operations in the eighteen seventies. Three companies controlled the majority of these operations. They were Eureka Lake and Yuba Canal Company, headquartered at North Columbia, who owned four reservoirs and two hundred miles of ...                    [more]


Insulator Altering of Dings and Dongs

   by John I. Myers


I would like to pose a question to the Fraternity of Insulator Collectors. "Should an Insulator be altered in any means after the find? " I'm not talking about the normal cleaning regardless of what methods are used. Neither am I referring to the use of extreme heat to change color as we all know some unscrupulous people ...                    [more]



   by David Ahrens


To the Editor: This pertains to the story on the Hemingray-110's (CD 1071) on page 24 in the October 1969 issue. You mention that it is held on by a pin like the Hemingray-109. Well, the one that we have (which was found on a double pole with the Hemingray-109's) has threads and was threaded on a pin. ...                    [more]


Whitall Tatum Glass Company

   by Don Wentzel


The Whitall Tatum Glass Company located here in Millville, New Jersey which was sold to the Armstrong Cork Co. back in 1938 has been sold by them to Kerr.

To the best of my knowledge this is the only glass plant still making glass insulators in the U.S.A. The runs are limited in quantity and ...                    [more]

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