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California Insulators

   by Dora Harned, editor


In 1912 the California Glass Insulator Company went into production at West Anaheim Road and Hayes Street in Long Beach, California. In 1914 the name was changed to California Glass Works and in 1916 the plant was destroyed by a flood and was never reopened. In these four short years this company certainly made many insulators still in use today although many have found their way into private collections. At the date of this article there have been 16 different styles that have been found all with just the word CALIFORNIA printed on the front with the exception of the Santa Ana. This does not include the C.G.I. Below is a list using Woodward's C.D. Numbers.

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The First Transcontinental Telegraph Line

   by David R. & Marilyn J. Delling


Insulator collecting is starting to mature and many collectors are seeking information on the manufacturers and users of these artifacts., This article is an attempt to bring together both historical and descriptive material concerning one of the most important telegraph links ever built. ...                    [more]



   by Dora Harned, editor


What are they? Most everyone knows really, but I have been asked numerous times, "You collect insulators?" "What for?" "Why?" "Are they those little glass things up on the poles that the electric and telephone wires are on?"

Of course, all the time they are looking at me like I'm some kind of ...                    [more]

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