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Jeffrey Mine Insulator

   by Howard Banks


Out of the damp, dirty, dark, long since played-out holes that men have carved in the mountains of Colorado have come a beautiful (and quite valuable) collectors item.

No, not gold; but, originally, a cheap glass instrument used to insulate low voltage power lines for lighting the inside of mines. ...                    [more]


Trolley Suspension Insulator


Here is a sketch of an insulator sent in by Ray Skibby of Ashland, Oregon. Does anyone know for sure what it was used for? We heard it was used on the San Francisco streetcar line.

...                    [more]


G.T.P. Tel. Co.

   Letters to the Editor


Letters to the Editor

We have G. T. P. TEL. CO. beehive just like the G. N. W. TEL. CO. This stands for Grand Trunk Pacific Tel. Co. - it operated in Western Canada between 1917 and 1921 and was taken over by the Canadian Government after this.


Rod Wing

...                    [more]


Tender Loving Care

   by Dora Harned, editor


What is more heart breaking than to chip, crack, break or bruise a coveted insulator that either you have had for a long time and it is the only one like it you have in your collection and none of your insulator friends have one like it. Or maybe you have just found a strange, ...                    [more]


Universal Specialty Co. Post Card


Universal Specialty Company postcard.

...                    [more]


Early Hemingrays

   by Bob Anderson


As with old Brookfields little is known of the early Hemingrays except that a patent was issued December 19, 1871 to Robert Hemingray covering a method of forming insulators. This report deals with insulators so embossed and a few with the May 2, 1893 patent (covering drip points) which were continuations ...                    [more]


Tips on Cleaning

   by Dora Harned, editor


Same old thing! Elbow grease! SOS pads, scouring powder, detergent, ammonia, BUT WHOA THERE, be careful! Never mix two or three different kinds of cleaners together. The fumes can be harmful and even kill you. You've probably heard all this before, but a little reminder never hurts. ...                    [more]

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