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The Ugly People

   by Irma Conrad


This is a true story and being written at this time with the idea of helping collectors. By collectors, I include bottle bugs, insulators, relics and anything collectable. There are those people who will use and abuse another collector and their club. As an insulator collector and the first serious collector in our club I ...                    [more]

   Research Division


CD 158.2 - Boston Bottle Works

This is a snapshot of a beautiful sparkling dark lime green insulator ...                    [more]


Letter From A Lucky Fellow Collector


We would like to share our letter with you from: Chris Buys of Boulder, Colorado, who it seems is having the time of his life and we are very happy for him and wish to thank him for sharing his experiences with us. The only way it could have been better were if we could have gone with him. Thanks Chris, for our armchair ...                    [more]

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