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Guidelines For Good Friendships


We feel it is time for some rules and laws of good trading to be set up. Do any of our readers have some ideas along this line? How does a manufacturer's defect affect the desirability of the insulator? I mean such as cold shuts (where the glass is too cold to fill the ...                    [more]


Letter From New Zealand


This is our last letter from Chris Buys on his trip to New Zealand. I had a card in between his two letters, but I've either already sent it to Portland to the publisher or lost it. Anyhow, I remember he said he had traveled over 400 miles in New Zealand and had ...                    [more]


Cobalts, Ambers & Purples

   by Howard Banks


I recently faced the unhappy decision of having to sell my insulators (for personal reasons). However, I couldn't really see myself leaving the hobby entirely.

"Then why not specialize," I was told. But what could I specialize in? Before the dealers and collectors came to buy ...                    [more]

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