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Tips on Cleaning

   by Cliff and Alice Martin


"Say, I have been told about a real good insulator cleaner and have given it a good try. It's real good, too. Put out by the Amway Company, not sold in stores, is sold such as Rawleigh Products, Avon, etc. Name is Redu. It is put out for a rust & stain remover to be used in laundry. Mix some with water in a plastic ...                    [more]


CD 1071 Hemingray-110


I think this should be nicknamed "The Topless", since it seems to be a three-hole transposition and is clear glass. Apparently, it's relatively new, but so far haven't seen any in collections on the West Coast. ...                    [more]


The Electric Telegraph


The following information was sent to us by Chris Buys of Boulder, Colorado who is doing research into old telegraph lines in the Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah area and came across this article written about the progress of telegraph lines in many different countries. The book was dated 1852 and was printed ...                    [more]


Radio Antenna Insulators


These sketches were sent in by Arlene Harris and I believe they are used on radio antennas or wireless telegraph. If anyone has any other information on these, we would appreciate hearing it.


Satin Glass, 2 Piece Mold. No name or date.
...                    [more]

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