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About Those Denvers

   by Warren L. Olson


Reprinted from "INSULATORS - Crown Jewels of the Wire", January 1970, page 13

Insulators manufactured in the Denver area during the period 1895 to 1910 are among the most interesting and varied in the whole field ...                    [more]


The Crowfoot Battery

   by Al Davies


The prime interest of the insulator collector, quite naturally, is the kind, name, size, color, shape and other facts of historical interest in connection with the object. The name insulator describes its purpose, but of what use would it have been along with wire, ...                    [more]


Collecting Ceramic Insulators

   by Gerald Brown


The ceramic (pottery) part of our insulator collection is really castoffs. Although the first of the collection was two pottery insulators, the collecting was primarily concerned with glass; the pottery ones were saved but sort of relegated to the background. ...                    [more]


Armchair Trip with the Armbrusts of Colorado

   by Jan Armbrust


I thought you might be interested in a quickie trip that Earl and I took just before Thanksgiving. We've decided that "it's the only way to travel."

When Earl found it necessary to spend three days in Minneapolis ...                    [more]


African Insulator



by Ira G. Groff

I have received a rather interesting insulator from Africa, and thought the readers of "Crown Jewels" would enjoy hearing about it. The insulator was sent from Accra, Ghana, and is made of fine ...                    [more]


Questions Answered

    by N. R. Woodward


1. Question from Sam Wright. "Do you have any information on PETTICOAT PONY front side O.V.G. CO. back side, baby signal aqua? I found one of these and know of no one else that has one."

...                    [more]

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