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Research Division


From David Fredrickson:

I have dug, found or traded the following insulators (shown in sketch below), but am not sure just what I have.  The first, I think is a lightning rod insulator, but would like to find out more ...                    [more]


Communication and  Power Line Construction

   by Robert Winkler


I am very interested in past construction methods on communication and power lines and try to learn what I can about them.

The accompanying sketches were made from the Chicago South Shore and South Bend R. R. The first one shows the style of 34 SKV construction used by the ...                    [more]


Questions Answered by N.R. Woodward

   by N.R. Woodward


Question from James Woodward IIIEnclosed is a sketch of a clear glass insulator I have found. Can you tell me anything about this insulator? I have several books, but none of them list this insulator. What is the approximate value of this insulator?  ...                    [more]


Letters to the Editor



Portion of letter from Jim & Sue Smaller:

At the present time, I don't have a spare CD 161 Calif. with drips, but have high hopes that we may find some more.  Rip West and myself found a total of 4 & one-half of those dandies.  We ...                    [more]

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