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Double Groove Pony

   by Greg Kareofelas

As I stated previously this series of articles will investigate a particular style of insulators in detail. In this article we will take a look at the double groove pony.

Almost all the major companies producing insulators offered at least one variety of double groove pony. The two major styles of double grooves are simply the two major styles of pony insulators with the addition of the lower groove.
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   by Dora Harned

HERE IT IS OUR ANNIVERSARY! One whole year has gone by since "Crown Jewels" became a reality. It is amazing the things we have learned in one short year, and our sincere hope is that "Crown Jewels" has also helped you in some way.

This magazine was started without even the proverbial "shoestring" but with a great desire to help other collectors of insulators. Since we are collectors and hadn't been collecting quite a year when we started this magazine, we realized the problems of new collectors trying to meet other collectors with the same interests, in the hope of trading to add to their collection, plus gaining more knowledge of insulators. It has been like a treasure hunt, with new insulators turning up every day, and new collectors, also. There are still many collectors within a radius of a hundred miles in our own area that we haven't met. The way this hobby has grown is fantastic and wonderful. Our object is to help it grow and become one of the top hobbies of the country. We are being recognized, and will be more and more, if we all work together. You notice how many sales and shows now include insulators in their advertising. Most leading trade (antique) journals include a page or two on insulators as a monthly feature, and the authors of insulator books are constantly revising and printing new books. We still don't have all the facts and knowledge we yearn for. There is still much to be uncovered and learned concerning insulators. Will we ever unravel the mysteries of all the glass companies and why this certain insulator was made, by whom, or what was the object of a certain feature, when was it made, in how many different styles and colors? 
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