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Questions Answered by N.R. Woodward

   by N. R. Woodward


Question sent in by Ed Saulsbury

I have a Hemingray CD 121. This is a puzzler to me. This has very unusually small embossing "Hemingray" on the back. A little larger is "Patent May 2 1893" (note no cross bar in A). Now we all know this is the patent for drips, but this insulator is dripless. Are these rare? Who has one? I have found only one and know of one other.

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More About Those Denvers

   by Marvin G. Collins Research by Robert D. Cirillo


1. 1896 Denver city directory reads: "Robert Good Jr. Manager, manufacturer of glassware & all kinds of bottles. Office and Glass Works - 143 So. 11th St."

2. 1897 - The name was changed to Valverde Glass Works. Robert Good's brother, Thomas Good, became bookkeeper for the company.
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Research Division

   by Dora Harned


A letter of apology from Harry Hallam: He wrote that he had an E.E.S. Co. Cable, but he meant a CD 252  E.S.S. Co. cable and No. 401 on the back. (January 1970, page 28)  He would like to know how many other collectors have this insulator?  Don't feel badly, Hank.  We all make mistakes ...                    [more]


Letters to the Editor


Have been taking the Crown Jewels of the Wire on insulators since it came out.  And cannot wait till it comes each month.  Also, it is a month late getting to me down here (Miami, Florida).  I am sending in a drawing by me on the English Porcelain cream color.  They are really very ...                    [more]


New Zealand Insulators

   by Chris Buys, Boulder, Colorado


Recently, insulator enthusiasts seem to be showing more interest in foreign and porcelain insulators. Since New Zealand insulators fulfill both of these requirements, I thought some of your readers might enjoy seeing a few sketches of some New Zealand porcelains.

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Antenna Insulator

   by Irma Conrad


This interesting insulator was sent in by Mr. Ralph Folkman of Cleveland, Ohio.  We can't tell if this is glass or not, as our contributor didn't clarify.  We are giving you the information he has sent on this.

Mr. Folkman was present at the Ohio Insulator Company, Barberton, Ohio in ...                    [more]

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