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Scott C. Cutter Letterhead



Scott C. Cutter


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Something Old - Something Clear - Something Borrowed - Something Queer

   by John I. Myers


It sure would be nice if this report from the Southeast could contain something in cobalt blue. However, around here this color is about as scarce as skaters on an ice rink in July.

As for something old, we have two. Picture #1 is a no name, threadless black glass (CD 718), and the "Pilgrim Hat" in picture #2 is a light aqua threadless embossed ...                    [more]


Questions Answered by N.R. Woodward

   by N.R Woodward


Question from Dale Austin of Bangor, Maine:

I have just added to my collection a very unusual insulator. It is a CD 145 ("like") T-H.E. Co. The embossing is very near the dome on the crown, and the whole insulator is very crude. It has a mold line over the dome and long swirl start threads. This insulator is smaller in diameter and much higher than an average CD 145. I have the CD 134 T-H.E. Co. in both green and aqua, but this is the first CD 145 I have ever seen or heard of. Do you have any information on this one? And could you tell me if there are many around? I thank you for any information you can give me. ...                    [more]


The Californias

   by Marvin Collins


The company producing these insulators was first known as the California Glass Insulator Company, located at Long Beach, California. They started production in 1912, and only a Pony style insulator bearing C.G.I.Co. embossing (No. 1 illustration) has been found. It is not known if any of the "California" embossed insulators were made by this company before their name change to California Glass Works in 1914. But due to the large number of styles having exactly the same coloring as the ...                    [more]


Research Division

   by Irma Conrad


From Harry Hallam:

I recently came across the insulator on the description sheet that is reproduce on the next page. I feel quite sure that other collectors would be interested in knowing of its existence. View Image  

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