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The Lynchburg Line

   by Warren Olson


Woodward (Woodward, N.R., The Glass Insulator in America 1967 Report, Press of Premier, Houston, Texas)  says, . . . . it seems certain that no plant operating for such a short total period of time has ever produced so many insulators, or distributed them so widely. The same might be said of the number of varieties and shades of colors. My study of LYNCHBURG insulators is concerned solely with styles, embossings and colors that I have seen or read about. In all, I have recorded 13 styles and an infinite number of embossings and color differences.
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Letters to the Editor


From Hugh D. Summers:  

I wonder how many of your readers are collecting the old radio aerial insulators that used to be installed outdoors, from a tree or a hole before the built-in antennas.  I have six of these, one each of glass in these colors: ...                    [more]


Research Division


From Bob and Carol Meszaros:

I note you don't hear from many people here on the East Coast, so I thought I'd write and give you moral support form New Jersey:

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