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Cobalts, Ambers & Purples

   by Howard Banks


I recently faced the unhappy decision of having to sell my insulators (for personal reasons). However, I couldn't really see myself leaving the hobby entirely.

"Then why not specialize," I was told. But what could I specialize in? ...                    [more]


F.M. Locke Death Notice

   by Audrey Stecher


I am enclosing an article that appeared in our Rochester newspaper back in 1930 about the death of Fred M. Locke.

April 16, 1930        Rochester News                ...                    [more]


Variations of an Unthreaded Insulator Mulford & Biddle

   by Chris Buys


At present, collector's lack of knowledge concerning the origin of insulators embossed MULFORD & BIDDLE is out weighed only by the difficulties in finding them. To my knowledge, at least five varieties of these highly sought after pilgrim hats have been found:
...                    [more]


Letters to the Editor


From Father Eugene Condon:

Thought you might like to use this picture of William Brookfield, found in Notable New Yorkers of 1896-1899, copyright 1899 by Moses King, Bartlett & Co., The Orr Press, New York. A collector friend, John Henebery, found the picture in his ...                    [more]


The Surge Insulator

   by Dick Augustyn


Here's the answer to a lot of the common electric fencing troubles . . . good, all-weather glass insulator that really insulates! With this Surge insulator, shorts through cracked insulators are a thing of the past! There can be no rust streaks form to short your fence ... and it would be some rain that -old blow back up under the long glass skirt to short ...                    [more]

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