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Top Tie Communication Insulator

   by Greg Kareofelas


By far the greatest number of communication insulators were designed to be tied with the wire on the side.  An interesting group of insulators are those that were designed to have the wire mounted on top.  These were so designed because of the mountainous locality most were destined to be used ...                    [more]


The Old Wire Road

by Connie Sherer


In pursuing my correspondence with collecting insulators, had an interesting letter from a lady (a non-collector) who lives near Marshfield, Missouri. Knowing of our interest in insulators, she wrote:

“We live on a dairy farm in Southwest Missouri and a telegraph line ran through our farm until it was torn down last year and replaced with underground cables. The line ...                    [more]


Research Division



From Gordon Smith:

The enclosed picture depicts an interesting "jewel" we have.  Will you ask your readers if anyone has them.  The color is clear to light amethyst.

...                    [more]


Yellow-Colored Californias (Fake or Real)

   by Dora Harned


From Southern California we have word the yellow Californias are being turned yellow from S. C. A. (Sun colored amethyst) Californias through a heating and cooling process in a kiln. For many of us this warning comes too late, but perhaps we can save others from paying too high a price for a beautiful yellow insulator that was once purple and not worth near the price that is being asked for the yellows.
...                    [more]


Tips on Cleaning Insulators

   by Bill and Irma Conrad


Many of you new subscribers have missed our past articles on cleaning insulators and have been reading about the pitfalls of using acid on the carnival and factory flashed insulators. We would like to give you a few of our methods of cleaning. We have used a cleaner called Whink, which is a strong acid and used primarily for removing the rust stain in your bathroom bowl. This cleaner will etch the older and
...                    [more]

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