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Here is some information on some interesting porcelain transpositions that might answer some questions that have come up from your readers. There will be approximately 30 different transposition shapes in the Universal Style Chart in my upcoming porcelain book.

The first two are "MACOMB" units. As are all six of the known ...                    [more]


CD175 Hemingray 25



Dear Dora,

In answer to the letter In your July issue regarding the use of the Hemingray 25 insulator: This insulator was used as a Dead-end insulator at the end of a. circuit. A view from the top of one in use might look like this (see below):

I enjoyed the National Meet in Colorado Springs very much and added many fine ...                    [more]


Chambers Insulators




Dear Dora,

Enclosed find a picture I would like to submit to your Crown Jewels magazine.

This picture is of all of the Chambers insulators known. The tags on the Insulators describe them. The back two are the Large Chambers. From left to right are: Companion Chambers, Handle Chambers, ...                    [more]


The Marked Hemingray

   by Paul E Mohrs


During my two years of collecting I've come across four insulators that are marked only with a vertical dash, These dashes are from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches in length, usually on each mold half. After studying the design and colors they do seem to resemble Hemingray products manufactured around the turn of the ...                    [more]

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