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Porcelain Question and Answer Column

   by Jack Tod - Author of the new book "Porcelain Insulators" Guide
   Book for Collectors

Reprinted from "INSULATORS - Crown Jewels of the Wire", November 1971, page 12

Dear Jack:

... hope you can answer a question on a porcelain I have. This is a white porcelain fence insulator. I know Surge made a glass CD-100 but I'm in the dark ...                    [more]


Cable Insulator with Trolley-Like Clamp

   by L. I. Nearmyer


Brown fiber with small flecks of copper colored metal showing throughout the surface. Insulator groove will hold up to a 1 5/16 inch cable and fits a standard pin.

2 piece identical brass parts on each side, 5/8 inch bolts in top holes, 7/8 ...                    [more]


Info on 60th Anniversary Pioneer Commemorative Insulator



The response I received when asking for information about the 60th Anniversary Insulator has been terrific. Long distance telephone calls and letters have been pouring in. We are very grateful, and our thanks to all. Now I just hope I can get all the information straight, so that you, the collector, ...                    [more]


N. R. Woodward



Below Is pictured the man who originated CD (Consolidated Design) numbers and is the author of "The Glass Insulator in America". His book is a must for every serious collector who wants to trade, buy or sell by CD numbers. Consolidated Design denotes the shape and size of an insulator, and Mr. ...                    [more]

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