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CD145 E. D. R.



It's about time someone shed some light on the C. D. 145 insulator embossed "E. D. R. ". Scattered references to it have surfaced occasionally, most often misnaming it the "Edmonton-Dawson Railway" insulator.

Well. I dug a few last summer from the site of an old railway camp, have ...                    [more]


CD152 Brookfield 48




I have a question about an insulator I found this summer. To be more specific the description follows: 

  • No drip points, 
  • mold line does not extend over dome, 
  • inner skirt, 
  • ...                    [more]


Patent Info Double Petticoat



I have just recently acquired a Boston Bottle Works insulator for my own personal collection. Mine is the CD 158, with the six sided top. And embossed on the inner skirt "Boston Bottle Works Patent applied for." I notice from Mr. Milholland's book that this particular patent is October 15, 1872.

...                    [more]

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