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Pictures from Brad and Nancy Cook's Collection



Picture #1 (left to right)

1. BOSTON BOTTLE - screw top - 4 segmented threads Pat appd for.
2. BOSTON BOTTLE - 4 segmented threads - 6/16 wide wire groove - Pat appd for.
3. Same as above, only has 9/16 wire groove and stands 3/16 inch taller.
4. Looks like Boston, only it says CHESTER. It has a chip, so only other ...                    [more]


A Pole, Insulators and Boys

   by Patrick Sumner


Two of my friends and myself got together last January and decided that we were going to build a telephone pole, just for the sake of having a telephone pole to display insulators on and to climb on. So we found an old pole behind a public service substation and cut off about three feet, and painfully rolled it ...                    [more]


Planning a Show and Sale

   by Irma Conrad


If you or your club plan to have a show and sale, there are numerous tips we would like to pass on. Our club is in the process of planning our third annual, and we are still learning, but have found the following items of great importance.

1. Have a hall or building large enough to accommodate your tables, being ...                    [more]


Letters to the Editor



Dear Mrs. Harned: Dec. 27/70

In reply to your letter dated Dec. 17/70, re-RED-INSULATORS, I beg to advise the following: My embarrassment, by the glass CO in not filling the order on or by the 15th of Oct. 1970, causing me nothing but grief. I have sent every one a ...                    [more]


CD731-S McKee and Company

   by Marvin Collins


One well known but very rare threadless insulator has the embossing S. McKEE & CO. Another of this CD 131 style is identical except for being unembossed. Both are usually light aqua in color, and they have a "button" mold seam on the dome. The best area for finding them appears to be along the ...                    [more]


Electricity and the Electric Telegraph



These two pages were reproduced from Electricity & the Electric Telegraph by George B. Prescott, published by D Appleton & Co. in 1877.

This interesting bit of information was sent in by Frank & Marjorie Jones, Box 73, Cottontown, Tennessee 37048.

...                    [more]


Research Division



I have found an insulator that is very interesting. In every book I have checked or collector I have talked to I have not been able to come up with any information about it. I hope you will put the enclosed drawing in your research section to help me find out if any other collectors have one or know anything ...                    [more]


U. P. R. R. Fake

   by Dora Harned


The other day a package with an insulator in it arrived at our house. There's nothing so unusual about this, because we have packages arrive quite often around here, except that this little package contained a fake U. P. R. R. threadless pony. We had received a letter a few days preceding the package, so ...                    [more]

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