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Hemingray-62 Lowex



Ross Reed, Long Beach, California writes: I have an insulator that is not in any of the books I have. It is a Herriingray-62 Lowex Made in U.S. A., clear. It is shaped similar to the McLaughlin-62. If you have any information on it, could you please send it to me.

In reply to Ross Reed:

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CD206 The Castle Insulator



The item below was sent in by John E. Grams, Ridgecrest, Calif. and was clipped from the February 1971 issue of "Communicator", publication of Continental Telephone Company of California. To our knowledge, this is the only insulator made by the McLaughlin Co. that is not embossed.                                                                  

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The Star Glass Works, New Albany, Indiana

   by Donald Fiene


A couple months ago I was told by a Louisville flea-market dealer that the insulators embossed with stars had been manufactured in New Albany, Indiana (a small city just north of Louisville across the Ohio River). Since there was, in fact, a Star Glass Works in New Albany in the 19th century, and since this ...                    [more]





Spools were used in many different ways. They were used on spool brackets or racks. The spool is most commonly preferred for dead-ends, but they are also used as side-tie insulators for many electrical utility companies. A few or many were also used by the telephone companies, especially on houses where the ...                    [more]


CD127 Brookfield Patent




Dear Mr. Woodward:

Recently I found several CD 127 insulators embossed (front dome) W. BROOKFIELD 55 FULTON ST and (back dome) PAT APRIL 4. 1871. As you may know, this patent, number 113,393, was issued to William Brookfield for "a mode of ...                    [more]


More On McLaughlin's



Since I wrote the article for the April issue of Crown Jewels, I have added a few more insulators to my McLaughlin collection.

I now have 117 insulators in the collection, and among them are a few more errors. As there seems to be a few error collectors around, as well as a growing ...                    [more]

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