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Illinois Bell Museum Chicago



This picture was taken in the newly established Illinois Bell Museum, Chicago, Illinois. The two persons shown are Curator Burt Sutter and Beverly Bredesen, research librarian. The historian (not shown) is Nicholas Veronico.

Among contributors to the museum are the well known collectors: Mr. E. R. ...                    [more]


European Insulators

   by Morgan Sparks


On a trip to Europe last summer I was fortunate enough to pick up 4 of these unusual French insulators. These are undoubtedly the most unusual I've ever seen. The ones I found range in color from light to deep, almost black green. These were found near Nevers, France. I've seen only one other insulator like ...                    [more]


C.E.L. Co. 1879-?




Hi, you busy people.

Have one earth-shaking find. (?) Traded for a Lynchburg No. 1 CD 251. Upon close inspection I find that the mold it came out of is the same as NEGM Co. /"Patent June 17, 1890". The quotation marks are very distinct, as is ...                    [more]


NGK Insulators

   by Kenneth Schumacher


Since NGK insulators were mentioned in your Jan. issue, I thought the following might be interesting to your readers.

NGK (Nippon Gaishi Kaisha, Ltd.) insulators are manufactured by NGK Insulators, Ltd. of Mizuho, Nagoya, Japan. The company was formed in 1919, and ...                    [more]


Research Division



It is difficult for me to describe the insulator sketched below. The bottom part is of a non-metallic material, asbestos perhaps? The threads are also of this material. Front, on the ear, WESTINGHOUSE; Back, 47744B.

Winferd Henry 
Mitchell, Indiana                                                                                         

...                    [more]

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