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CD175 Hemingray




Re the Hemingray-25, CD-175, and the question on how it was used. The complete Hemingray line is listed in the 1945 Joselyn catalog, and this is listed as a "SERVICE PIN". Regardless of how it is found in use, I have sketched the way it was probably designed to be used.

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Cleaning with Rex's Lye & Water



Dear Dora & Don:

Sorry I missed the opportunity to meet you at the 2nd National, but it was very hectic for me both days and I didn't know you were there until the show had ended.

I enjoy reading the "Crown Jewels" publication and find it interesting as well as amusing.

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S. McKee Insulator



In the June issue you published a letter from Robert D. Cossaboom; he thought his insulators might be a McKee covered by patent number 107, 075. It isn't as you can see from the enclosed copy of the patent. So far as I know, none of these have been found.

In the same issue there is a letter and sketch from Paul E. Mohrs concerning ...                    [more]


CD244 Photo & Information



Dear Don & Dora:

Enclosed is a picture of the S.C. A. Power insulator I showed you Friday evening at Colorado Springs. The only difference being that I have cut the two pieces and put them together. It really makes a beautiful piece for my collection. The color is out of this world.

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CD210 Postal Insulator




Dear Mr. Woodward:
Recently, when looking for insulators, I spotted a Postal saddle top, CD 210. When I retrieved it I found out that it had drip points. To the best of my knowledge, I have never heard of one like this or seen any listed. Would you ...                    [more]

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