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CD175 Hemingray #25



Dear Dora,
In regards to the question of the use of the Hemingray #25. They were used in this area of the country in Government built housing projects in the late 1930's - early 1940's. They are a secondary or low-voltage insulator. They were used where the house services bucked off to go into the houses. Often there were ...                    [more]


Australian Glass Insulators

   by Allman L Baker


A few months ago I moved to Australia from Warren, Ohio and began collecting Australian insulators and information about them. There can't be more than a dozen collectors on the entire continent, and consequently competition is non-existent. By nature Australians are friendly and helpful people, and ...                    [more]


Wood Strain Insulators

   by Phil Klabel Peru, Illinois


Having seen a few Wood type Strain Insulators In recent issues of "Crown Jewels", I'd like to pass on the Information I have on these.

Mr. J. F. Green, special sales representative for Westinghouse in Derry, Pennsylvania was kind enough to Xerox two pages of their July 1921 catalog ...                    [more]


On Cleaning Insulators



RESEARCH DIVISION (On Cleaning Insulators)

Dear Dora:
It was so nice meeting you in Colorado Springs! I'm just sorry that I was so busy trading that we didn't have more time to visit. This is the letter I promised you describing my method of cleaning insulators. I hope it may be of ...                    [more]

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