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Message to readers about contents for this month....



A New Patent Top Porcelain



This has to rate as our top porcelain news of the month. The U-401 shown at the right turned up at the Kansas City show. I had a chance to buy it but deferred to my friend, John Hall of Columbus, Ohio. As it later turned out, this was John's good fortune. We immediately speculated about this unusual design and ...                    [more]


Markings On Porcelain Insulators



For the past year I have been doing extensive research on all types of porcelain insulators other than pin types in preparation for future publication of a book on these. An interesting part of this work is that of tracking down the origins of the numerous markings involved on "standard porcelain", ...                    [more]


Derflinger Glass Works



Dear Mr. & Mrs. Harned,

I have many insulators not listed in Milholland's books and some made by firms not listed by N. R. Woodward. But the one I am most interested in at this time is an insulator obtained near the Mexican border. It appears to be a C.D. 133, aqua color. Enclosed (on the page following) you will find a drawing of it. ...                    [more]


Glazing Notes On Guy Strain Insulators



The following information is extracted from answers I have written to several readers in the past, and I trust it will answer the same question for others as well.

Guy strain insulators are many times used near the ground at eye level or on horizontal guys where a large white area (unglazed firing surface) is rather ...                    [more]


Let's Draw Insulator Markings

   by Jack H. Tod


Many collectors wish to record insulator markings in their files or correspond about them with other collectors or the magazine, and here are three good methods which are easy to do and which are much better than photos.

Number 1. Place a piece of new and smooth aluminum foil over the marking, ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Tom Kasner (Bend, OR.) recently reported having dug some nice porcelains in an old dump. These are 9 1/4" multis which appear to be the early Locke #315. They have the early Locke tradename "VICTOR" and are glazed a pretty, light blue-green color. Since Tom collects only glass, he wants to trade ...                    [more]

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