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Letters to the Editor



Dear Don and Dora,

Enclosed is a picture of our COMBINATION SAFETY CD 139. We thought you might be able to use it on the cover of Crown Jewels. (See cover this issue.) It is aqua and is embossed on the front COMBINATION SAFETY, and on the back PAT APPL'D FOR. So far we know of only one ...                    [more]


The High Voltage Transmission Insulator

   by Donald Fabbi


As a recent subscriber to "Crown Jewels", I would be remiss if I didn't commend you on your excellent publication on behalf of all insulator collectors everywhere.

The history of a product's development in any industry is one of constant change. This is particularly true in the history of high voltage transmission ...                    [more]


The Boston Bottle Works In New Mexico

   by Chris Buys


People who collect insulators do so for a variety of reasons. There may well be as many reasons for collecting insulators--from monetary to aesthetic--as there are people who collect them. Having stumbled upon my first insulator in the abandoned mining town of Magnolia, Colorado, my particular interest in ...                    [more]


Research Division



Dear Editor,
I have an insulator that is not found in any of my books. It is a triple petticoat, saddle groove, power insulator.
The front embossing reads:


PATENTED MAY 2 ...                    [more]

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