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Irma I Conrad



Funeral services for Irma Irene Conrad, 50, of 381 E. Ninth St. will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Brusie Funeral Home. She died Saturday at a local hospital.

Born May 25, 1921, in Willits, she was a graduate of Chico schools. Her mother's family the Clevelands, were early settlers in the area. She worked for Tri-Co ...                    [more]


Cobalt-60 Irradiation

   by Dennis McHenry


I told you some time ago that I would write you about my experiments with Cobalt-60 irradiation of insulators. I've had mixed emotions about the whole thing because of the fact that the radiation does change the color of some types of glass; and, although I have stressed the fact that the ones I've traded have ...                    [more]


A National Organization ???

   by Warren L. Olson


There has been considerable talk concerning the formation of a national organization of insulator collectors. Currently, some plans are being made to hold an election of officers at the forthcoming National Insulator Show at Kansas City in July.

I personally, am in favor of such an organization, but I do feel that a great ...                    [more]


More Ideas On A National Organization

   by Phil & Ethel Higgason


Here Is a drawing of a suggested decal for our insulator collecting hobby. I thought this might be used as an enticement for others to send in suggestions for a decal. Maybe you already have several on file, but I believe it is time we started thinking of our own recognization sticker. Several drawings could be ...                    [more]


Hemingray Dump Experience

   by Richard Case


How many of you readers know what it's like to Dig a Dump? Well, it takes a lot of hard work and patience. We want to share an unforgettable experience with you.

We arrived at our destination for a big week-end in Muncie, Indiana, January 15-16, 1972. The weather was cold - a 15(degrees) below zero!! But it was sunny ...                    [more]


Research Division



Dear Dora,

I wonder if any reader could tell me how many different W.U. Insulators (identified by embossing) there are. I have the CD 125, 126, 127 and the two rubber W.U. Insulators.

I am employed by W.U. Accounting, dog-gonit-never get to look for insulators on ...                    [more]


The Porcelain Corner



I now have 26 Insulators in my Lapp collection. I have pin, post and suspension types. My prizes (to me, anyway) are a U-821 with 1931 date and a U-756 variant with the "pumpkin pie" orange glaze. My Brookfield collection stands at about 150 units. As soon as I get working I hope to go to ...                    [more]

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