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French Insulators



I've gotten quite interested in French insulators, and don't remember seeing very much in print about them. I'm listing what I have found out about them so far.

First, nearly all seem to come in just one of two styles - either straight sided with a pinched-in grooved top, ...                    [more]


The Story Of The Block Glass Insulators

   by Frank Jones


This story has been three years in the making, and even now as I write it is still not complete. This insulator probably has more names than any insulator known. They are as follows: The Bird House Insulator, The Squire Glass Insulator, The Coffin Insulator, The Tree Insulator, and ...                    [more]





The nearly explosive interest in porcelain insulators during the past year wasn't any big surprise to me and other active collectors in the field, and this was quite apparent to everyone at the 3rd annual national show. In fact, some there could hardly believe all the porcelain ...                    [more]

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