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Information On A Newly-Discovered Very Small Black Glass Threadless

   by R. M Settle


Early this summer I had the good fortune to discover a few unembossed "Black Glass" threadless insulators of a type not previously, reported. I'd like to describe my find to your readers, in the hope of encouraging them to leave climbing to the linemen, hang up their "hooks", and "hit the books". Research indicates where to ...                    [more]


Let's Draw Insulator Shapes

   by Jack H. Tod


Some collectors have occasion to make drawings of insulators to record their specimens, report new finds to the magazine, or just for the heck of it. The drawings in the porcelain Universal Style Chart and the glass Consolidated Design charts are accurately made with very elaborate profiling ...                    [more]


Tale Of The Insul-Bug

   by Dora Harned


Just to set the records straight would like to submit the following information.

This bug was originally designed by Richard York of Montour, Idaho, and the Insul-Bug sign was designed by Mrs. Jim York of Emmett, Idaho. It was shown by the Yorks at the Brewster, Washington show where everyone seemed to ...                    [more]


Danger Insul-Bug



People bitten by this bug suffer severe attack of insulatoritis, characterized by a high fever and an insatiable desire to acquire old insulators.

Victims of this disease have been known to suffer permanent brain damage and are labeled by society as "Insulator Nuts".
...                    [more]

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