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Review of New Glass Insulators on the Market

   by Dora Harned


Columbia No. 2 - L.S.V.

I am sure that all of you who have attended shows are quite familiar with the Venezianos' Columbia No. 2 in green. This year he has had some made in cobalt, and they are beautiful. Cobalt being one of the most desirable colors in glass, ...                    [more]


A Wrought Iron Universal Bracket



The illustration shows a wrought iron universal bracket that is being manufactured by the Hallett Iron Works, of 92-96 West Polk street, Chicago. This iron was designed especially for telephone use and is the result of practical experience. It is universal in its application and can be used as a ...                    [more]


Tree Insulator Claydon




CHARLES CLAYDON, of Tabor, Texas, has invented and placed on the market an insulator which differs in principle from those now in use. Instead of the line wire being supported in a groove by a tie wire, which is the case with practically all of the popular types of insulators, the line wire is held by a ...                    [more]


Hemingray D-512 Amber



Question sent in by John E. Bartley, Springfield, Ohio: I have an unusual insulator acquired at an auction two years ago and have not as yet seen any information about it.

It's a D-512, amber, and completely solid, with a 1/4" lip probably to accept an iron ring much like lightning rod cable insulators. The base is ...                    [more]


CD145 Brookfield Postal



Question sent in by Dick Mackey, Painesville, Ohio: Enclosed is a sketch of a CD 145 Beehive (reproduced on page following) that is somewhat different. I found this in a small antique shop in western Pennsylvania. It is the usual dark Brookfield green, and if you will note, the upper edge of the wire groove ...                    [more]


CD133 H.G.Co. Standard 20



Author of The Glass Insulator in America

Question sent in by Bob Jensen, Vernal, Utah: Glad to see the new section on question answering by Mr. Woodward. I would like to ask this question. I have several H.G. Co. C.D. #133's, aqua, with large drips. Each has had the word ...                    [more]


P. L. W. Possible Meaning



Dear Dora:

About a year ago I found three PLW's in my hometown (Logansport, Ind.). I have asked several collectors the value of this item. Milholland's "72" price list values it in mint condition at $60.00. But several collectors I have met are not in agreement with this price.

...                    [more]


Standard Porcelain

   by Jack H. Tod


In 1881 Thomas Edison invented the incandescent lamp, and in 1882 he installed a 1200-horsepower generator in a New York warehouse and began furnishing power (at 1300 volts DC to "subscribers" for operation of electric lights.

Electric street lights were first installed in Syracuse, New York in 1882, ...                    [more]


CD272 Whitall Tatum 511A



Just finished reading "Questions Answered by N. R. Woodward" in January issue of Crown Jewels of the Wire in regard to the CD 145 B/2, B/3 and B/4. I had been collecting insulators long before there were any publications on insulators as a collectible item. I have a set of 4 of these old B's: B/1 B/2, ...                    [more]






Question sent in by John C. Carriger, Del City, Oklahoma: I have acquired some of the CD 193-F-AM. TEL. & TEL. CO., and they were used as a one piece insulator and are much different from the two piece insulator. I would like ...                    [more]

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