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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Since I have been back east on an insulator research trip all of April and most of May, general porcelain news items have been deferred to later issues. Please realize that our news copy deadline is 40 days prior to the first of the month of issue.

Pin type insulators are the main item of interest to the majority of the ...                    [more]


Earthquakes and Glass Insulators

   by P. Quentin Tomich


The "Big Island" of Hawaii is in an earthquake zone, and seismic motion is generated from shifts of the earth's crustal plates as well as from molten lava moving locally underground. Mild jiggles and an occasional jolt may occur several times a year. Ever since my insulator collection began to grow ...                    [more]


Questions Answered by N. R. Woodward

   Author of The Glass Insulator in America


William Davis of West Babylon, New York writes: I recently acquired an insulator that I would like to inquire about. It is a CD 295 Hemingray 72, but it is not embossed as shown in any of the reference books I have. It appears to be a mold change from a No 4 high voltage.

...                    [more]


The Wade Insulator

   by Fred C. Koehler


The first thing I wish to do is to thank David and Marilyn Delling for giving me permission to use the information in their book, Before Threads, a story of the Wade insulator; and I also want to thank Frank Jones for permission to use information about the Wade Insulator from his reprint of History, Theory and ...                    [more]


Letters to the Editor



Dear Editor,

In answer to Mr. Michael Cheuvront's letter on page 10, April issue, about the Brookfield signal he and Steve Wakefield have. I agree with the collectors, this insulator is in a class by itself and should have a CD number all its own.

I have the same insulator in aqua star (left), and as I look at the picture ...                    [more]

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