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In reference to Jeff Blick's letter, page 24 of the July issue, Yes, they are lightning rod insulators. They were mounted with a steel bracket that fits on to the bevel. The whole thing then mounts with two screws. Value? Well, the only one I ever saw sold brought $12.00. Just the insulator, no bracket. And this was ...                    [more]


W. Dennis McHenry

   Treasurer, Trexend, Rt. 1, Bettendorf, Iowa 52722


Dear Dora,

Thanks for the nice letter. I bet you did have plenty of time to think things over on the long trip back. Many wonderful memories. And thanks so much for your offer of support for the National Club. I'm sure you will be a great help in many ways, including the sketches of the club officials. I'd like to know more ...                    [more]


CD181 Pluto




Dear Dora, Editor:

This is a picture of an insulator that I recently obtained in a trade.

I looked in Milholland's book No. 2 and couldn't find one like it. I thought maybe you or one of your readers could give me information on this insulator.

...                    [more]


Dick Augustyn

    Central Regional Vice-President, 640 S. Harvard Avenue, Addison, Illinois 60101


Dear Collectors,

I think it appropriate at this time to write you a letter of acquaintance to introduce myself to you. Those of you who couldn't make the 4th Nat'l may like to know of your regional officers, and enjoy the aspect of friendliness in this hobby. To those who were at 4th Nat'l, I surely would like to thank all present ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Preferably direct porcelain news items and questions directly to Jack H. Tod, 3427 N. 47th Place, Phoenix, Ariz. 85018. Reply stamp is appreciated. All mail will be answered, and the most newsworthy items and questions of general interest will be published as space permits.

...                    [more]


Fred Griffin

   President, 512 South Palm Ave., Palatka, Florida 32077



Fred has practiced dentistry in Palatka for the past ten years and started collecting insulators in the fall of '68 on a small scale. He is married and has five sons and one daughter. One of his boys dug up an insulator on a bottle ...                    [more]


Steve Freedman

   Eastern Regional Vice-President, 18 Highland Drive. Wallingford, Connecticut 06492


Steve must be a little camera shy, as he didn't include a picture of himself with his brief resume. But I fooled him. Ha! I found at old picture of Steve and his wife Pat in October 1972 Crown Jewels, as you can see from the print at the left.

Steve writes: "We, too, enjoy the National, despite the heat and high ...                    [more]


Bill Dreggors

   Executive Secretary, Rt. 3 32720 Box 566, DeLand, Florida


Dear Dora,

Received your nice letter July 23rd. Will give you a little background on myself and my family.

I was born and raised in DeLand, Florida, home of Stetson University and one of the earliest electric generators and distribution systems in Florida, built ...                    [more]


Jesse Moreland

   Western Regional Vice-President, 1015 N. Institute, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903



As some know, I am a line foreman for the city of Colorado springs, have been there for 18 years. My wife Wilma and I have been married for 16 years, and we have two children, Jeffery (9) and Rhonda (6).

I guess there is no need to explain what got me interested in collecting ...                    [more]

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