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Terms and Abbreviations and Trades



Due to many new collectors joining our hobby and the numerous letters received each week asking explanations of the abbreviations and terms used in the classified ad section, we feel we should again reprint from May 1970 and December 1971 issues of Crown Jewels, with additions, the following information ...                    [more]


Oil Insulator Bird Feeder




Dear Dora:

Recently I purchased this insulator or whatever it be. The only number is B-17307, found inside at top of the glass, where the pin should rest, no threads, no wire groove. I would like to know if this insulator has shown up any ...                    [more]


Trip to Holland

   by Roy Licari


Here is a snapshot of some insulators, all porcelain, presented to me in Holland while on a recent vacation.

Staying over in Amsterdam, I phoned the local energy company - electricity and gas - and spoke in English to the No. 2 man. Asking where I was calling from, and being told, he said he would pick me up in a few minutes.

...                    [more]


National Insulator Association - N.I.A. Newsnotes



Don and I have received our first newsletter, "DRIP POINTS" (All members should have theirs, also.), from the N. I. A. There is so much information in it that I am sitting here struggling with the problem of what to include in Crown Jewels . I feel the only sensible solution, since many of you ...                    [more]


Describing Insulators




This is an open letter to all persons involved one way or another with the collecting of insulators. This letter has two primary reasons. First is to improve and prolong what I considered one of the greatest of leisure-time activities, and second is to prevent other collectors from being as disappointed ...                    [more]


Bracket Patent



Dear Dora:

Enclosed is a print (next page) of patent number 436,120, Sept. 9, 1890 for the Chubbuck insulator bracket, page 23 of August Crown Jewels. It's a bit hard to find the patent when the stated year is 10 years off. Presume date and name hard to make out on the specimen.

...                    [more]


What is it?



Dear Editor:

Enclosed is a sketch of an insulator that my son Rick sent me from Spain while attending University of California in Madrid. My twelve year old son Mark, who is also an avid insulator collector, made the sketch. I've checked with some collectors who have similar insulators, but this one is a different size! The ...                    [more]


Shining up a Dull Insulator




Dear Dora,

Recently I purchased one C.D. 143 and one C.D. 190/191, both in a beautiful deep purple. I am very happy with both, as they put some finishing touches to my color scheme. However, I have been unable to get a nice gloss on them. I have ...                    [more]

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