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Questions Answered by N. R. Woodward

   Author of The Glass Insulator in America


Prentiss & Vivian Noble of Pueblo, Colorado, write: We have a question for someone. We have an aqua colored pony very similar to the Hemingray #9, without drips, making it a trifle shorter. The only embossing is a very distinct square raised 7 on both skirts. Do you know what it is?

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Research Division



Dear Dora,

I've recently been stationed in Oahu, Hawaii, with the Navy. I've attended a few swap meets here and came across a new threadless insulator. According to the man I bought it from, the insulator was dug on one of the original plantations on Oahu. The picture and shadow sketch enclosed are of the insulator, which is ...                    [more]


Possible Origin of the OVG Insulator



The following information was submitted by Jerry Turner, Goshen, Ohio, and copied from BOTTLE MAKERS AND THEIR NAMES by Julian Harrison, printed by Toulouse:

"Another Ohio Valley Glass Co. appeared in 1905 at Pleasant City, Ohio near Cambridge. It was apparently a renaming of the Pleasant City Glass Works ...                    [more]


The Hemingray Dump

   by Bob Alexander


I left the National with a week to kill, and after seeing what was dug up at the Hemingray dump, I decided to stop by and see what really was there. All I knew was that it was in Muncie, Indiana, and when I got there I started asking around to see if I could locate it. None of the gas station attendants knew ...                    [more]


Color Them Pretty

   by Alan Rodgers


At a recent flea market, a woman approached my table where I had a variety of insulators for sale. She looked over my "ware" as if she was an experienced collector. Then she picked up the only sun colored purple insulator I had and remarked, "You sure know how to color these up pretty." This ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Preferably direct porcelain news items and questions directly to Jack H. Tod, 3427 N. 47th Place, Phoenix, Ariz. 85018. All mail will be answered if reply stamp is enclosed, and the most newsworthy items and questions of general interest will be published as space permits.

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Letters to the Editor



Dear Dora:

I think that I have told you that I was working on a book which will concern non-glass and non-porcelain insulators. There will be a section on hook insulators, and I read with interest the reprint of the old book, "The Telegraph in America", which mentions the Leffert block insulator. The text ...                    [more]


A Few Observations



Thought I'd drop a line and thank you for your hospitality at the show. I really appreciate everything you did for me. I've been reading some of the back issues of Crown Jewels (for NIA information, specifically), and I'm beginning to realize what an asset they are.

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