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Message to readers about contents for this month....



Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Preferably direct porcelain news items and questions directly to Jack H. Tod, 3427 N. 47th Place, Phoenix, Ariz. 85018. All mail will be answered if reply stamp is enclosed, and the most newsworthy items and questions of general interest will be published as space permits.

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Twelve More Insulators From Mexico

   by William J. Hill


(Continuing from the December 1973 issue which pictured thirty-two different insulators from Mexico)

  • RYT          UPSIDE DOWN       PALE GREEN
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Porcelain Insulators from Krugersdorp, South Africa

   by Bob Hines


Top row, from left to right:

    1.    3" x 4 5/8" Iron Pin is chrome plated, no embossing
    2.    3 3/8" x 4", no embossing
    3.    2 3/4" x 3 3/4", snow white, no embossing
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