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Message to readers about contents for this month....



Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Preferably direct porcelain news items and questions directly to Jack H. Tod, 3427 N. 47th Place, Phoenix, Ariz. 85018. All mail will be answered if reply stamp is enclosed, and the most newsworthy items and questions of general interest will be published as space permits.

...                    [more]


Radio Antenna Insulators

   by Walter E. Lehnert


My principal interest in insulator collecting is, of course, the radio insulators, and among those the common antenna insulators are my preference.

Much more information is available on these insulators, although the research I have done so far has been quite disappointing in that the bits of ...                    [more]


Insulator Brackets

   by R. M. Settle


In the October 1973 issue you printed some correspondence pertaining to different styles of CAST iron insulator brackets. The information was very interesting to me because I've been doing some research on bracket styles used here in Eastern Canada to support threadless insulators a hundred or more years ...                    [more]

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