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Something Different in Hemingray

   by Glenn & Sandra Drummond


A few months ago a friend of ours saw us at the Washington Court House flea market and told Sandra that he had an insulator that we might be interested in. They disappeared into the crowd, and about 30 minutes later Sandra returned glassy-eyed and mumbled something like: "You've got to see this to believe ...                    [more]


Expanding Horizons of Insulator Collecting

   by Alan Rodgers


A well endowed collector should consider alternative areas of collecting in addition to insulators. To many collectors, looking only for insulators soon become the "same old thing". They become tired of collecting, and lose interest, especially after reaching the high-priced area. I consider myself ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Jack H. Tod


Emma Almeida (One Bay View Dr., Shrewsbury, MA 01545) just reported finding what seems to me to rate as the classic of all classics. The preliminary drawing of this Imperial pin type shown here is from a very good sketch and measured dimensions sent by Emma.

...                    [more]


Insulators in England



Pictured below are some of England's white porcelain insulators. (Disregard white tags on insulators.)

Following are five pages reproduced from Practical Telephone Handbook (printed about the turn of the century) owned by Chris Weston of England, which will give us a better insight into the insulator situation in that country.

...                    [more]

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